Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A high school teacher in Atlanta wants to take his students on a field trip to visit local colleges and universities to get them thinking about life after graduation. He plans an itinerary to tour Georgia Tech, Emory, and Georgia State in one day. With 30 students signed up, he needs a bus rental that can transport the group comfortably between campuses. After getting a quote, he books a 25 passenger minibus for the day at a rate of $115/hour. The 8 hour rental from 8am-4pm totals $920. The minibus fits the group perfectly with room to spare. It comes equipped with leather seats, TVs, WiFi, and charging ports to keep students engaged during the drives. At the end of the successful tour, the teacher tips 10% ($92) for providing a smooth, fun ride. The grand total comes out to $1,012, making the per student cost only $34 for a full day of transportation to visit local universities.

Example #2

A Fortune 500 company based in Atlanta wanted to host an offsite team building event for 75 employees. They decided to book a day trip to a ropes course and team building facility an hour outside the city. To arrange transportation, they booked a 56 passenger charter bus for the day. The bus picked the group up from their Atlanta headquarters at 8am to drive to the facility, which took one hour each way. The charter bus stayed on site the entire day in case anyone needed to leave early. At the end of the day at 5pm, the charter bus drove the group back to the Atlanta office. For this 10 hour charter bus rental, the total cost was $1,260. With 75 passengers, this worked out to only $16 per person roundtrip for comfortable transportation. The planner added an 18% tip for exemplary service, bringing the grand total to $1,487. The charter bus provided a seamless experience so the company could focus on team building.

Example #3:

A youth baseball team in Atlanta qualified for the state championships being held in Savannah this year. The coaches booked a 56 passenger charter bus to take the team of 13 players, 5 coaches, and 20 parents the 4.5 hour drive from Atlanta to Savannah. They decided to book the bus for a full 24 hour rental period to give them flexibility. The total cost of their Atlanta charter bus rental was $2,970. This covered pickup in Atlanta on Friday afternoon and return late Saturday night after the tournament ended. It included service, fuel, and mileage for the roundtrip. For the baseball team, this came out to about $74 per person for comfortable transportation to the state tournament. They were quoted upfront with no hidden fees so they could budget properly.

Example #4:

A group of friends from Atlanta plan a day trip to hike Tallulah Gorge State Park. They want an easy, fun way to travel together and not have to worry about driving or parking. They decide to rent a 25 passenger charter bus for the day. The bus picks them up at 8am in Atlanta and drives them 90 minutes to the state park. After a full day of hiking and picnicking, the bus returns them back to Atlanta by 6pm. For the 10 hour rental, the total cost is $950. With 25 passengers splitting the cost, it comes out to only $38 per person. The friends add an 18% tip, bringing their total to $1,121. Renting the charter bus gave them a carefree, bonding experience. The cost per person was comparable to driving themselves, but without the hassle. Their Atlanta day trip was a huge success thanks to the convenience of a charter bus rental.

Example #5:

A couple is getting married in downtown Atlanta with the reception at a vineyard in the countryside. With over 200 guests attending from all over, they know they need transportation to get guests between venues. They decide to book two 56-passenger charter buses to shuttle guests continuously during the day. The buses pick up guests from their hotels starting at 2pm to bring them to the 4pm ceremony. Then from 5-7pm the buses run continuously between the ceremony and reception venues about 30 minutes apart. They are quoted $150/hour per bus, totaling $1,800 for 6 hours of continuous service. With the convenience, comfort, and reliability of charter bus transportation, the wedding couple knows their guests will be well cared for. The charter bus company tips 10% at the end of the night, bringing the total cost to right under $2,000.

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